I think BSC practise time is one of the smartest thing to do, if your goals are playing pro basketball 1 day. Specially if you want to improve your shooting and ballhandling in a short period. I ve learned so much of a shooting, driblling, body performance and muscle strenght with BSC that I recommend to all my friends in basketball world to come here. Getting all the b.knowledge that I need is why l like 1on1 practise session at BSC.

Gašper, OC

I started practising with BSC last year in May 2015 and i've done quite a lot of training program so far. Big efforts are put in correct breathing with ball handling and body control. And since Im aware of this I have made a really really big progress in playing&understanding basketball game. The system of showing exercise right is what I like the most with BSC. Its only coach and 1 player focusing on a b.game and geating ready to become a real pro basketball player 1 day. Since my first practise the effort is made with big steps and I can only imagine what we can do on a long term

Luka, OC

Positive thing in practising with BSC is understanding basketball game like nothing before. I've been on different basketball camps, I've changed many coaches so far, but I've never learned so many of b.technique in a such a short time. All the exercises are so good spelled so you understand why you need them. I've got such a good ballhandling that its easy now to have control over the game. I can finnaly play 1on1 game with knowledge of beating oponent on a first step. My shooting is now technically so perfect that I know in advance if it is gonna be in or out. I shoot quicker, accurate and beacuse of the body power I got, also the distance of shooting is not a problem any more.

Anže, OC

I've just started practising at BSC and after third practise I realised how simple basketball game can be. How to use the whole body with right movement on court and asimililated with breathing. I've been tought every dribll is short breath in&out. Quick results brought me smile on my face, specially when I shoot and score. I improved my shooting and ballhandling so much I cannot believe. And I am much more stabile under the basket where I play the most.

Tomaž, OC