What is the Basketball Shooting Center (BSC)?

is a shooting center that enables every basketball player to improve their shooting skills. Group of trainers sistematically recognize players present shooting and in minimum time (min. 10 practises) with mind reset resolution make new body position for future shooting effective practise.  Our counselor keeps everything recorded, so that menthor of shooting can controls every move trainers are make every day. The knowledge of yugoslavian basketball technique was never so touchable like now is. All you have to do is try it and you willl feel the results.


Why to believe that BSC is the guaratantee for perfect shoting?

If you are shooting 10-9 or 10-10 from a favourite spot on court without defense than you don't need us, but think about it when you will be missing that final shot in rear end of the real game. BSC only shows you what is right and what is wrong or when you shoot right or wrong. The way and style of shooting is still in your hands. It is only the correcture of your shooting is what interest us. And efficiency off course.


Where is BSC located?

It can be located also in your neighborhood if there is a will. Otherwise we are based in Slovenia, one of the smallest country in the world, 2mio residents but with 9 NBA players allready played in US. Our hometown is the same as NBA player Beno Udrih's Savinian walley, with main city of Žalec. Our team is online 24/7/365.


Who should be visiting BSC?

Every serious basketball player age 15+. Younger players will find it very hard to keep up with the demands of our trainers. Clients under age 18 should have parents approval or presence. Eventhough we take care not only pro's but also active players playing just for fun, our practises are hardworking. If you turn in just online for a start it is ok with us. All you have to do is contact us and show us your shooting, than is on us to make your improvement.


Can I share BSC?

Yes you can, but be aware of cognitive theaching method. We can take only individual practise based 1on1 game so no need to be crowded with players. Cause we take care of your shooting, performance and personal needs we can not constantly follow outnumbered participants. Only your recomendation after succesful period of practises will put place in outside world. We measure your improvement on the court. If you will have more points, a better shooting percentage, more assists, fewer turnovers, more rebounds and MVP points it is a reward also for your team coach, scouts, agents, parents, fans…