Do you know the feeling when you score? When you make a game winning shot and the crowd goes wild?
Only we can bring you those feeling with right shooting practise. Have you ever question yourself why somebody can make a jumpshot and others dont? The theory tells us about throwing the ball into the basket and...score of course. And if you dont? Than you should try again, and again, and...

But why trying 10.000 times, if your coach shows you his unique basketball technique of shooting and you are officially a shooting guard after allready 1.000 times of throwing. And than every year you get a new coach, new assistant coach, a brand new basketball
and unique shooting knowledge and all of a sudden you are on the bench, sitting and waiting for a new chance. And you just turned 16 years old and your goal is NBA, but your coach forgot your name...
It is not your fault if you do not play, but it is on you when you play and you dont make a shot! That is why we decided to establish a Basketball Shooting Center - to take care of you and your shooting efficiency.

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